President's Introduction Message

Good morning Trappers,

I guess as of last Saturday I became your new President for the A.T.A (Arizona Trapping Association). I am sure that most of you don’t know me so may I take a moment and introduce myself.

My name is Tharil Wayne Boring. I usually answer to Wayne, I was Born in 1944, so I am an old man I was born in Winslow Arizona and have been a lifelong native of Arizona. I was raised in the L.D.S. church and am still a devoted member of that Church and served a two year mission for that origination in my earlier years . I was a member of the U.S. Army and served my country in Viet Nam for one year, and it Bothers me when people say we are no longer a Christian nation.

I am married to my lovely wife of almost 58 years and am father of 7 childern, 4 boys and 3 girls. Two of my sons have passed out of this life. I still have 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I have been an avid trapper all my life, as a young boy I delighted in catching chipmunks and other small animals in my early teens. I was paid for trapping gophers later in High School, trapped beaver in the 70 and early 80. Much of my living came from the trap line. I spent 5 years on the Apace Reservation as a trapper trainer working for J.T.P.A. The majority of my life I supported my family as a plumbing contractor still help my boys in that trade.

As your President I consider myself as your servant so anything I can do to further the cause of the trapper I am on board.

-Wayne Boring